New gar update please fix

Have y’all ever been getting this bug where the game randomly gives you aimbot??
the game randomly just gave me aimbot for no reason can I please be unbanned please the game gave me aimbot please unban please please

this is OUTRAGEOUS! first ammo, now like 10 people are having this! FIX IT

such a weird bug fix it

Just saying this isn’t a bug. It’s his exploits glitching into his game. This is no mistake. ( I mean it is but it’s obvious you’re previous exploits are now glitched in) this ain’t an update either

I ask that everyone does not belive a single word about this because it cannot be true in anyway. Please read the following

You do realize though that this isn’t something that they would just put in a game right? This is your doing. All of the things on the GUI are heavily associated with “exploitation” culture. A game such as this one would never put that in there. *

the game did it not me

yeah bro, how could you assume that

yeah this bug is so annoying

No dude. You most likely are an exploiter and your executor glitched and put that script on your screen.

no its fine its just a bug :+1:

They’ll need a huge can of bug spray to kill this bug.

This bug gave me aimbot LOL

Dude, be real, Do you really think that this is something that the devs would put in their own game even if it was a glitch they still would have had to put that in there, somehow, someone, someway. This is just him unless someone else can speak out with proof for him

Sarcasm Cough cough.

Is this seriously a bug, this doesn’t make sense.

No, it’s a sarcastic post milo.


OH SHOOT. Still kinda sus.

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What a weird bug…………

the screenshot is old, i’ve seen it before lol