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New GAR live events

This brilliant idea just popped into my mind whilst being torn to shreds by lightsabers in Coruscant. What if GAR started new kinds of live events, I know this gets memed on, but what if they did some kind of order 66 thing. It doesn’t have to be only that, if you can think of other significant things in the Star Wars saga, feel free to comment down below. People who attend could get a badge maybe, or a pet. Some sort of thing to commemorate that event. If they planned it really well, they could even get new players to join, just to see it. I just think this would be very interesting to see executed. ( See what I did there :wink: )

Interesting idea! Maybe they could have an event where everyone gets gold mini…

I wish… They could also do a live event for the full Coruscant update.

There was a battleground event but low end devices die from the lag of the so much shooting