New gamepasses - clone trooper and B1 medic


There are not many ways to heal in this ame. Right now we have cookies which will eventually disappear after christmas event and medi gun which is awarded to top 3 active divisions. I believe I have solution to this. Add new gamepass morph - clone trooper medic and droid medic.

  • Clone trooper madic will work as special forces. It will give people GAR items while they are in GAR alongside some healing device that should be a little weaker than medi gun (we don’t want thousands of tf2 medics running around). It couldn’t be used as raiding morph like SF and yoda.

  • There would be another morph - droid medic. It would receive pulse rifle as B1 and same healing device as clone trooper medic. It would be counter to clone medic.

You may say that it would be easier to just add healing device as a gamepass but idea of this is to prevent getting morphs with items like c4 or lightsaber to get medi gun. It should be a class that focuses on healing their team. yes, they may purchase good weapon as gamepasses but the idea is to prevent situations where red guards purchase medi gun and have super blaster too for free.
I will attach some materials that will show morph idea for both classes.


Sounds like you really thought this through. Good suggestion. I would vote for it but I’ve already used all of my votes.

Yeah this sounds good but most people probably wouldn’t care I just hope more people would see this

Great idea! Voted, sir!

There is already healing companies so just turn to those for mediguns.

Yeah, but raiders will get no heal, also there are like only 2 defensive items in the game, and you can buy none of them.

Alter can be bought. Lightsabers can be bought.

Wait, so this clone medicgamepass is for meant more method to heal for gar or also for immigrant too? :confused:
If so, this is just same standard as sf where they can just disguise as gar, which i hate cuz i disregard immigrant who trying to raid us as clone sf or medic.

Just deal with it.
#20Characters Sucks

I am dealing with it, it just that i am questionably thinking if this actually will benefit us though. Not just gar, but you guys raider too. You guys definitely could used healing, but i liked if you guys have different morph as the gar ones.