New gamepass morphs (SF)

Sf morph It’s not so lore but amazing! The problem is that only the golden yellow color above does not look very good, should also have the colors below and add some extra details (image)


Morph looks great, stop complaining about a non-existent issue.

Yes? It has already been morph changed almost 3 times, some morphs have already been removed and also Vikinglaw archived this old morph.

So, You don’t understand, let me explain again.

The new morph looks great and everything but it’s missing things (according to me)

the yellow touch is perfect and great, but it would be better if that color was also in the lower part of the morph since it would be much better and the accessories of the bacara image.

nothing important but it would improve the visual aspect since it becomes somewhat unpleasant (for me) that below it is only black and white.

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I 100% agree with that but I hope if they do that to make the skirt optional because some poeple don’t like the skirt but for now I really like the morph it look very cool and clean but they can add that it would make it look cooler but I like it how it is now to

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Special forces got a nice morph so i think it dont need more things.

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A touch of yellow markings on the morph would look good ngl.