New Game Weaponry

Base the new guns off of ones from the Star Wars Battlefront and Star War Battlefront 2 games.
The T-21 is already on Coruscant and obtainable through eggs. There are plenty more to add (with the most powerful likely being the EE-4 if going by the battlefront game) and plenty more could be added. I will now list the Battlefront guns, and if any seem like they would be interesting to add in I would be delighted to see just as much happen.

A180 - The A180 can be transformed into four different blaster configurations: pistol, rifle, sniper, and ion mode. The blaster will start in the pistol configuration. Pistol with low damage, medium range, and a semi-auto firerate. The rifle with fast full-auto firerate at medium range and decent damage. The sniper mode having long range, slow firerate, and high damage. The ion mode having a charge up single fire, low damage against players but very high damage against vehicles, shields, etc.

A280C - A280C is a semi-fast firing blaster rifle with good range and moderate damage.

CA-87 Shock Blaster - Basically a sawed off shotgun, overheats in 3 shots and does almost nothing if the range is more than 15 meters.

CJ-9 Bo-Rifle - Great range and medium damage with semi-automatic firerate. What’s special about this gun is the fact that the front end is transformable into an electric shock melee weapon. The CJ-9 Bo Rifle Staff is in fact a very handy tool if you find yourself in close proximity to an enemy and your rifle can’t be of much use.

Cycler Rifle - This functions not as a weapon using a laser but as one using a normal bullet as a projectile, having long range and high damage but being a bolt-action weapon and taking a while before being useable again. The bullet penetrates shields.

DH-17 - Fast firing full auto pistol, decent damage and medium firerate with low range.

DL-18 - Slow single fire pistol with low damage and firerate. A very bad weapon which might not be needed unless as a starter weapon for low tier criminals.

DL-44 - Han Solo’s gun! High damage, semi-auto, low to medium range, great gun.

DLT-19 - High Firerate with low range, capable of dealing significant damage quickly (used by Dengar).

DLT-19X - Sniper Replacement, it’s exactly like the sniper in Coruscant except it actually has a name and is slightly more detailed.

DT-12 - Low range, medium damage with decent semi-auto firerate. A good gun with a satisfying sound.

DT-29 - Basically a laser revolver that needs to be reloaded after six shots.

E-11 - Basically the Super Blaster but lower damage. There could be a scope but that’s optional for the modelers.

EE-3 - Firing in three round bursts with good damage, semi-auto burst firerate, and high range.

EE-4 - Overpowered, firing a shotgun spray of lasers with high semi-auto firerate and high damage with medium range.

K-16 - Moderate damage, semi-auto but still fast firerate with medium range. This gun has a charge up where it can fire a powerful one hit kill projectile but overheats the gun instantly after firing.

Relby V-10 - High range, semi-auto but very fast firerate and decent damage. Used by Bossk.

RT-97C - Good damage and very high firerate with low to medium range.

Scout Pistol - Low range, one use on terms of firerate but damage is delivered in a two shot burst that kills the enemy in a second (presuming you’re only fighting one guy).

SE-14C - Firing in 5 round bursts and doing decently high damage, with great firerate and low to medium range (I would suggest that this becomes an officer blaster).

Stinger Pistol - Your average pistol, except now it deals burn damage overtime.

T-21 - High damage, low but still full-auto firerate capable of killing an enemy with three shots at medium range.

T-21B - High range and semi-auto firerate dealing medium to high damage. Kind of like a DMR with no recoil.

TL-50 - The original Coruscant build was pretty good with this except that the overheat needs to be slower and the firerate faster. The weapon also has a charge up secondary shot that explodes on impact dealing high damage at medium range (secondary shot is kind of like an underbarrel grenade launcher except it comes from the normal front of the gun).

X-8 Night Sniper - Probably one of the most unique and interesting weapons in your arsenal the X-8 allows you to use a thermal optic scope spotting enemies with ease. It also has high range, great damage, and semi-automatic firerate. This is a pistol by the way, crazy right?

That’s all I had, you could of course add some things from Star Wars Battlefront 2 or add in some of the stationary weapons in Battlefront depending on the map and their placement. You might also want to add in some Battlefront grenades like the Thermal Detonator or the Shock Grenade. I would love to hear some additions and revisions to the weapons, but please note that I’m not enforcing their stats but just giving some suggestions on what to do with them by standard. Feel free to change anything at will. Cheers!

This took quite a bit of effort so I’d love to get some comments.

If the dev managed to make raider gamepass with progressive ranks, some of the guns can be added to through higher ranks as perks.

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Sounds like a good idea, but I want GAR to have access to some of them at least. Especially the X8.

So literally just copy and paste each gun from battlefront? Yeah no.

Yes? You suggest some kind of weapon that should not be in the clone wars.

It’s good that you take an example from Battlefront 1 and 2, but before you do it, you should first check what kind of weapon.

Like I said, add on ideas and suggestions in case GAR HICOM look at this, don’t tell me what I did wrong. Tell me how you would change and improve it.