New Divisions perhaps

Good evening everyone, I was recently thinking what if GAR added some different division that don’t actually need a tryout. Even thought I have discord I usually fail tryout because I not good at English because I mainly language is Russian. What I mean is this .

  1. A Operator or facility security guard to just make sure everyone is on task

  2. Republic Droids that can tell troopers and low ranks to post so GAR and divsonal don’t have to.

  3. Jet troopers that automatically get jetpack when they pass tryout.

5, Republic Younglings Jedi division people can train and pass events or training to become Jedi without spending robux on the same boring morphs

The problem with that is there is gonna be a influx of people who will join and well…it will be just like gar but I’m not totally against it, I do believe there needs to be some other divisions other than gar like police or underworld police, like TSU has theirs it basically makes you feel accomplished when you’re doing exactly the same thing, but it’s hard to say what direction they’re taking because their updates are just pics of loading screens and maps, so who knows.

Just a little different, since the Jedi Order is a branch.Тhere are ranks, also divisions like in GAR, but the specialization is slightly different.

No new divisions. No new companies. I believe there should be sub divisions instead. It would also suit your ideas as well.

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All divisions need a tryout for a reason. We can’t just let people join and get power of others without any work.

  1. This operator or whatever is just like officers and CG.
  2. Droids that tell people to post? CG literally already do that.
  3. There is 7th, which may get a jump pack in the future.
  4. 5? Where was 4? Republic younglings jedi division? Might want to work on that name, also if you want a full TJO go join one, there are plenty on roblox.

every existing division currently does/can take up any duty needed, numbered divisions being patrolling, guarding (rg as well in this case), minor combat etc, rc and arc being full combat, and cg being the ‘police’ of the game, which if a facility does need guarding in the new map, just about any of those divisions can do that, and cg already keep the border in check, and cg fill the second thing youve suggested to the point its basically the main thing cg do, and no, divisions dont need free jetpacks, and whatever plans for jedi rainy has, i doubt they wont come in the future (considering the existence of overseers being jedi characters now)