New divisional ranking system


( Division ranks could be made like recruit - is when you first pass a tryout, Trooper - at 10 AP, Corporal - at 30 AP, Sergeant - at 60 AP, Sergeant major - at 100 AP sergeant major could be a NCO rank and after that you have the officer ranks.


( This system is in vikinglaws TGE and is very good)

What do you mean by that? You rank up with whatever AP is in a division to get other ranks in that division. I really don’t understand this

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No, the current ranking system is fine.


Okay, you want like TGE “Vikinglaw”? It is necessary to separate some group associated with the division or make a separate so-called sub-division, similar to the TGE “AsunaKob” group.

Interesting idea, but once you are in a division, everyone is equal. Your company determines your rank. Why would a medic with 300 hours outrank a combat company with 100?

There are tests for companies. How did this generatiion of GAR get so stypid.


Different divisions have different ranking systems and this is up to divisional high command, so i doubt this will happen.

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