New Division SWAT

This division will be something like SWAT.
It will consist of those people who have passed the selection, as well as they must have the title Trooper+
Their costumes will look like this :

The first suit is given to all fighters up to the rank of captain. Captains and above will receive a second suit.
Their main occupation will be dealing with emergencies, such as bank robberies or assaults.
They will make rounds of the territory and help protect important people.
Their weapons will look like this :

The first weapon is up to the rank of Captain, and the Captain and above is the second weapon.

Also, each fighter will have an energy shield, I could not find the exact art, but something similar is shown in the picture:
images (2)

Writing the text and inventing the division took about an hour.
I hope this will be introduced into the game!

This is kind of similar to divisions we already have.

Those morphs would look hot ngl, but isn’t like a different version of the current Red Guard?

Anyway, nice idea and amazing armours.

It looks like CG combined with 104th.

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Looks more like Timber company with the duties of a Red Guard and 41st. RG for guarding and 41st for robberies and assaults (which I assume means raids)

I don’t think there will be a new division other than BARC anytime soon though.

I would agree, I mean it took a couple of months (and not yet released) to plan BARC’s release after it’s announcement. So for another one to be added, I would say we won’t be seeing it for a couple of months.

Well, I mean, Riot Company exists…

It already exists. It’s called Riot Company.

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