New division for GAR

New division:ARF/ Advanced Recon Force Troopers

I spoke to specialty who told me to go here. We would be a normal division like 501st please respond to mical#8915 or on here mical to know more. also, I may not be a warrant officer but I’m excellent in thinking I’m also mature and obedient. This division will have friendly HICOM and also it would have the same thing as most other divisions free roam and TK. If a member of my division abuses these powers I would give them a warning if they repeat this same thing I would suspend them if they repeat it I would remove them from the division. I want to serve under GAR as 42nd please respond when you can thank you, Also I don’t have to be CO I just want the division to exist and I want to be a part of it.

Long name. But tell us what this is instead of “Like 501st”. Give us some background info andd you got my vote.

We would offer the same thing as them only thing from experience it won’t be as hard to get into.

And unlike some divisions, I would ensure members are Active, Friendly, and kind.

First off, this doesn’t exist in the actual Star Wars universe, second of all, no way they would make you a CO.


Did u not see the part where I talked to speciality.

Also why not?
Is there a particular reason?

I decided to check on Wookieepedia, I can tell you this is part of a division in the New Republic, and it was called “Den of Spies” Twin Stars of Kira in the book, this division is not related to the clone war era.

It is allowed to be a division, sir

They ain’t making some random dude a Commander, accept it.


If it didn’t exist during the Clone Wars then it can’t.


Read what I wrote sir

Of course this is your first post. Typically most people don’t advertise their discord. Also, most people do not care at all if you are a warrant officer, suggesting ideas isn’t restricted to them. Congrats to you if you consider yourself mature or obedient but that’s also not really going to boost your chances. There is no promise with friendly HICOM, all divisions have free roam and TK just to let you know. Not sure how someone can abuse free roam but okay. There also is no guarantee you’ll tackle all of the abusers but whatever. You also said that this was for 91st which is already in-game but now it’s 42nd? You make no sense. Lol, there is no way that someone who comes up w/ a division is going to be CO, especially considering you have no sense of what’s already in the game.

Short summary: No, your points aren’t good whatsoever. Two, this already exists, and three, we do not take division idea suggestions. Nobody just makes up a divisions and within a few weeks if your lucky they will start working on it.


Please stop.

This already exists so dont vote.

He changed it. It was something else but it was just out of era. I guess he changed it.

Also, 91st is the formal name of BARC.

There already is a 91st reconisance corps and If you want to be a part of it just pass the BARC tryout.

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i thought i changed it to ARF sorry.