New clone Variant

I was watching plo koon’s discovery and I saw the desert gear the clones were wearing and thought maybe it could be a type of game pass or company in game (example below)

Good idea, but idk this design is similar to SF (Bacara’s soldiers).

21st Nova corp troopers are different they’re more similar to the empirical snow troopers

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Actually, this would be a GREAT switcharoo!

Change ‘Special Forced’ to ‘Sandtrooper’ and give them this exclusive morph. Its more accurate to cannon and looks so much better.

This newer exclusive morph would definitely boost sales.

Yeah, i get it, no sand.
But still, if you want an accurate, better, and overall more eye catching SF, this is where you needa go.

Mind if I make this an actual suggestion? I’d love to make this happen.

SF should probably be the clones we saw in s2 of the clone wars special ops and stealth ops similar to what I said in another suggestion and the clone is a desert trooper not sand

It would make more sense and it’s still canon