New Booth NPC Lines

If Immigrant is KoS: Guards, Terminate this KoS Immediately.

If Immigrant is AoS: Guards, Inform a Coruscant Guard or an Officer about this AoS.

If Immigrant has a bounty: It appears that you have a bounty on your head. Guards, Terminate them at once.

If Immigrant says Yes to Carrying Any Weapons: Are the weapons you have for Self Defence?

I like the last line a lot.

How about we put down a no weapon rule instead because what’s stopping them from lying

THe last line is the best one of these.

bruh but whats the point though, self defence was always a rule, so the NPC is going against GAR rules.

When you spend robux… You can’t get rid of your weapons… Not that you would want to. You can always ask why. If they say yes to having
weapons and doesn’t start killing everyone then it means that they should be let through or at least asked why.