New aos & kos system for raiders

So, wtf. I get it’s annoying for GAR personnel when they are continuously getting killed by raiders. However I do not get why you would give AoS to people who are literally using the things they bought. I’m ok with giving raiders KoS and working with the bounty system when they keep raiding/killing. But AoS is a step to far. I do not get why you would punish raiders with jailtime for raiding. We are literally buying these guns and without raiders the game would be dead cause half the people ingame are raiders/immigrants. Another thing, when I became AoS after a while and I was just in spawn it should NOT be possible for officers to jail u with fucking commands. This is absolutely crazy. It happened to me 5 minutes ago. This is just power abusing, there is absolutely no way for us to resist than.
This system is not ok. Y’all are literally stopping us from raiding. Without the raiding community this game would’ve been dead a long time ago.
Please fix this system or get rid of the AoS tag.

I agree with you. KOS makes raiding cooler because they have to watch out for every GAR member. However AOS is too much for having fun in game and raiding.

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agree with all but please no swer

You should have posted this in suggestions.

I love the new KOS and bounty system, but I can’t understand why it’d elevate to AOS. Isn’t the game meant for raiding? And you’re going to rip someone out of spawn to jail them for playing the gamethe way it’s meant to be played.

As a subsitution for earning AOS, maybe give someone who would’ve have instead earned AOS, a larger blip on the radar that doesn’t blink out, or even some sort of ESP?

Ok gar divisional thats so based.

embed fail ez win for me.


I’m going to put this in suggestions since this is the wrong channel, I had typed the draft here and by habit pressed the reply button.

anyways what if all anti raid division groups such as ERT or the BARC anti raiding team are able to have a channel that lets them see if there are bounties or kos in game. This is used by RG already and using the system they made might work for divisionals.

This wouldn’t work simply because of the amount of players that would have bounties, and most likely by the time you deploy to get that one bounty it’ll have already been claimed.

You’re talking hundreds of players crowded into a channel.

seems good to me as the system can be linked to a channel.

Shade is nub he thinks his idea will be passed.

1.clown emoji
2. hes already aos perm

He’s likely raiding with alts though.

nah he doesnt shade wouldnt do that.

Then why is he complaining about automatic AOS? Is he complaining for his raider brothers or something?

because every raider hates it

something that was a joke in spring 2021 is now a reality now.