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New and exiting sub-division!

Or make this into a class (like special forces) but then they’d have to nerf the flamethrower.
I’d say the price would be 1000 robux, maybe less depending on how powerful the flamethrower is.

Firstly: thanks for voting :slight_smile:
I think this is an excellent suggestion to make it into a class and I’m glad someone thought of it. I would add it into a suggestion in the general description but I can’t edit it at the moment
Once again. Thanks for voting :+1:


Hello everyone. Once again, I would like to thank everyone here for voting. I’m glad you all think this is a good idea and I hope everyone who hasn’t seen this page yet think so too. Once again. Thanks everyone

Hmm, fire troopers… Reminds me of something.

Commander jet and his battalion, I mean, they have flame troopers and they are SO troopers so it would make sense for them to be tougher

But I definitly dont think it should be a sub, since for arc it makes sense, but So troopers in general can be a sub division perhaps, but a good suggestion, takes my vote

Firstly… Thanks for your vote. :slight_smile: great feedback and hopefully it will be taken into consideration. I can’t wait to see (if this page gets enough votes) this division/anything else take shape I’m not going to lie: all the different names like sub division and division and stuff like that confuse me but I’m sure it will be classed as the right one Once again thanks for voting

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask

It would also be a division for mobile users!!!

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hell no

20 characters…

cuz bad idea

Ok. It’s your opinion so fair enough. I don’t think it’s a bad idea though so I’m gonna keep this post up.

nah it’s a bad idea, we are getting BARC in the next update, there’s absolutely no need to create more divisions or sub-divisions

There are already loads of other divisions that have been suggested, they will probably get added after BARC. Just cause we get 1 new division doesn’t mean we stop there.


Well that’s your thoughts. Pls stop saying it’s a bad idea. You’ve already said that twice

Btw: I have decided that it could also be a division rather than a sub division. I find that sub divisions that you pay to be in have no respect within the GAR community as they can raid if it’s bought by an immigrant. (Just like the special forces sub division ). So it’s pretty best if it’s a division

Any comments please don’t hesitate to say :slight_smile:

They should add the 322nd company for the 501st.

Yes they should but I personally think that this is a good idea too, Like, come on… FLAME THROWERS. They are great