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New and exiting sub-division!

Are you tired of the same divisions? Want something new and exciting to tryout for. Well: vote up this post to challenge GAR monitors and creators for a new sub-division: Fire company! (It’s basically fire troopers) I can’t believe it’s not a thing already!!


Pls note that minor details like the name can be changed as I know this is a sticking point for many die-hard Star Wars fans. Some other suggestions from Star Wars fans are: Havoc company and Trebuchet company

It sounds like a nice idea but what will be the purpose of the fire company?

Well: it will be for tackling heavy raids with multiple personnel, it will gain a reputation which will chill its enemies to the bone. Therefore it’s mere presence will boost morale among the troops. It’s ability to absorb heavy fire will mean it’s your goto troop to deal with raids.

Would members of fire company have better armor and absorb a few more shots than someone normally would?

Yes. I think that would be one of there best qualities. Obviously they won’t be able to withstand too much damage because that would be un-realistic. But yes they would be able to absorb more shots

I love the way you made this sound like an advertisement.
Now, I believe this could be good, but I don’t think it should be a sub-division. Otherwise they would need to make a new morph for every division.
We also have BARC, some sort of Starfigher corps (I think), the senate and the Senate guard coming, but this definitely could be a thing later on.
Good idea.

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Instead of a sub-division. What would it be? Also. Thanks for the positive feedback

Alr, I voted and I do have a few other suggestions for the name, Havoc company is one, named after the republic soldiers that appeared in the Old Republic trailers and the books. Trebuchet company sounds cool and from a different franchise, it was a project to quell insurrection. Thank you for this good idea, I’m sure when the new map comes they will add something like this.

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Firstly: thank you for your vote :grinning:
Secondly: I completely agree that all of those are great names. I will include in the description. However I cannot promise any of them can be used because at the end of the day it really is up to the developers what they call it. Once again thanks for voting and I love the name suggestions

So an armoured division that’s sole purpose is to reinforce…

87th Sentinel Corps. Boom. That’s a canon division that as you said, has a travelling reputation. It would be perfect. A lot of people have suggested this before as well.

The fire company is not for re-enforceing, it is your primary defence alongside the riot company. And even then the fire company stands out from the crowd. I mean flame throwers! C’mon it’s got to be hard to beat that. Yes, your idea is awesome too but I feel that a the fire company is more exiting and unique

A main division.

Reinforcing and defending are the same thing…

I don’t think it is, reinforcing is essentially backup. However, defence is not backup it’s a primary defence against raiders

There are two definitions to reinforce: Backup and to strengthen a defence. From the sounds of it, this divisions objective is to strengthen defences.

I don’t know tbh. I suppose it could be either

Oh also. I am away on holiday for the next 2 weeks with very little internet coverage. Therefore I will probably not be answering questions for the next 2 weeks

Flame throwers would be to OP, given the spread, distance and high amount of damage.

That could be managed by limiting the range and damage

If you have anything to ask/add pls don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: