New 501st company, "Ahsoka's Clone troopers"


501st have only 2 companies so, i was thinking on this new company.

Lore: (This is canon) This happened on the late clone wars. Due to the Siege of Mandalore, General Anakin Skywalker took a detachment of the 501st and sent it to fight on the battle of Mandalore, this detachment was officialy named as the 332nd company and was under the command of Captain Rex and the now advisor Ahsoka Tano, the 332nd was also informally known as “Ahsoka clone troopers”. They had a distinctive helmet wich was a stylized version of Ahsoka Tano face marks and skin tone, honoring her due to her recent return to the Galactic Republic.

This is a really relevant company, since they were protagonists on the Battle of Mandalore and their role back to Coruscant and with the order 66 was really relevant.

Something else about them, is that they were a really elite company, and they successfully ended the Siege of Mandalore.


Mhm, that will be not bad. But for other company we have to do more troopers. Becouse the troopers division rank are 3.

Thanks for your suggestion.

This can be a be good idea.

Good idea. ###########

To be honest, 501sts activity is quite small. This could either make 501st great again or just be nothing