Need to know this

If your sgt- and raid as a gamepass morph can you be reported?

Just in off-duty that is the sepecial forces but the oder ones thre are no problame and it can happend in stg-.

You can only be reported if you raid with Yoda or SF. Other gamepasses allow you to raid.

oh well, i asked a riot company if you can raid with any morphs if in GAR and he shook his head no

Well, he was wrong. Maybe you misunderstood his communication within OOS.

You can only raid on the Dooku, B1, B2, and maybe santa morphs, nothing else.

mando can raid as well


You can raid every single morph you want, except Yoda and Special Forces. If any GAR personnel under the Corporal raids with Yoda or Special Forces, then Coruscant Guard personnel should arrest them if they are on the server.
However, if the individual is Sergeant+, then you should take the evidence and report it here on the forums, the officers will deal with the rest.

If you have more questions, then feel free to DM me on Discord (Zekuba#1050) and ask me.

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Okay, thank you very much.

forgot about them, my bad.