Need rework Map

Rework Map

I propose to update and improve Map.

  1. If you click on the map, you will see the full size.
  2. The classic list of locations that can be seen and their icons.
  3. Green and blue label, if you hover and click on the blue and green label, you can see his identity, type ID, name, rank, division. This is very useful for CG to catch some lower rank.
  4. As for the immigrant, you can’t see his identity since he doesn’t have a tracker. BUT if a person commits a crime, then he has the so-called wanted levels, and you can see what his nickname ( his identity) and price are for.
  5. The mark of death is when you are killed, you can see the mark of death, there are different marks of suicide, murders, it can be a hacksaw and a shot. As a rule, the label disappears death 10-15 seconds.
  6. Two divisions such as RI and Republic Commando (Night Ops Armor) have special morphs that can hide the tracker, and he can also turn on / off, also pretend that you are your type of switching blue or green, and most importantly, the identity can be hidden.
  7. A spy tracker, well, it can be considered a special thing that can hide a crime, and a label, but it costs a game pass or buy in the dealer weapon so to speak and also pretend that you are your type of switching blue or green, still you can see all the dot and see his identity.
  8. If you want to see the map up close or control it, you can zoom out or zoom in.
  9. You can click a dot anywhere and the distance meter will be visible.



Okay, I’ll show you an example of such a material map.

Share with your opinions, I want to know your opinion, and if you have any ideas, then write.

I expected that theree should be some sort labeling ability to pinpoint specific user that are hostiles. This can be used to located wanted criminals and hunt their cheeks down.

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This is an interesting suggestion, thanks!

We’ll consider it internally.

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