Napolean2024’s Ban Appeal Forum

Username: Napolean2024
Discord ign: Napolean2024#8790
Discord Id: 764859849480863764
Ban reason: Dm Advertisement


Hello, I am Napolean2024. Here are some reasons why I should be unbanned. I did not dm advertise intentionally to someone that is part of GAR. They were part of another group with me, so I had access to their dms to dm advertise my group. But in that group, there was reporter and me that was in it. That was not even related to GAR. But was a different star wars group. I can send you proof, if I even knew who the reporter was. But I have no clue why they tried to ban me on GAR, when they decided to join the group or were already a part of it. I also don’t dm advertise, until they want to join another group and the group they are in is not active or doesn’t have enough members. Basically, the reporter must have falsely accused me, and must have made up some stuff. Because I was getting rid of people mainly from another group that has nothing to do with GAR at all. I understand that they were in a GAR server, but that does not mean it was an intentional dm advertisement to take away members from GAR. I always had fun being GAR, and I always will be with it. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you understand my pain.

Sincerely your member,

So, you are saying you didn’t dm advertise on purpose and then 3 sentences later saying you didn’t do it at all and that they made it up?

That is partially right. I do admit that I dm advertise them, and that it was not intentional. But the reporter is falsely reporting also, because of him joining the group. If he reported it, then he suppose to not even join the group. What I meant about me not doing it at all is that I didn’t mean to dm advertise him in GAR. I meant to dm advertise him from another group. So, he is asking for trouble logically. He did have two mutual servers with me. So, we were in two servers together. Only one of those servers were GAR, and another server was for another Star Wars group owned by someone else. That group was dead in terms of everything compared to our GAR.

As a whole, the dm advertisement was not intentional, due to a mutual server problem.