My suggestions for new morphs

1 give colored pauldrons
Black for corporal
white for sergeant+
Orange for sergeant major+

2 more kamas
Sergeant gets a kama
Warrant officer needs one

  1. Worse armor quality the more time you spend in game.
    The longer you spend in game the worse your armor gets from extremely shiny and clean to scratched and covers in dust

  2. Just give sergeant+ stars instead of dots

Cadet 1 invisible dot
Trooper 2 dots
Specalist 3 dots
Corporal 4 dots
Sergeant 1 star
Staff sergeant 2 stars
Master sergeant 3 stars
Sergeant major 4 stars
Warrant officer is 5 stars for being the highest rank

Customizable blasters
Make it so troopers can customize their blasters butvthey can’t use super vibrant colors that makes the blaster look less like a weapon

Custom armor
Already suggested but ima do it anyway
Add some stickers to your armor written in aurebesh or your username

Give all leader ranks antenna

Change all our skin colors to match and look like clones give us some faces that make us look tough and give us hair customization (all hair must be the same color)

Sergeant major+ gets free speeder

If you don’t like something point it out

Sergeant Major+ should not get a free speeder. They are for 91st and should stay for 91st. Otherwise I like it.

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The speeder will be released to both gar and immigrants anyway. So atleast make this like suggestions for when speeders is formally released for every members who played the game.


no, the morphs for these were already made no need to remake them
also sgt major getting speeders ruins the point of 91st