My opinion is………

My opinion is that higher ranks (SRG+) should be able to kill lower ranks.

Man… It was suggested like 20 times and a lot of people are against it. No team kill warning = more team killers, it will be so abused.

Troopers will be abusing that on Cadets and Warrant Officer on everyone with lower rank, game will be practically not able to play.

Divisionals doesn’t get TK warnings and Officers.

So what are you saying is that troopers can random kill cadets?

No, that opinion for SRG+

No, that opinion for Sergeant+

Still it will be abused, it should stay how is it that only Second Lieutenant+ and divisionals can kill without TK warning.

Not every Sergeants are smart so I don’t think that they will know how to use it.

Yeah it will easily be abused and it will break the game.

People who buy their way up just to abuse this is also possible, so I can’t agree with this. This idea is simply too flawed when you think of the final result of it.