My final forums rant

CG had barely anything to do my guy.

its boring if you let it, your a builder bob, not a destroyer.

I liked it, but they just dropped a map full of bugs which no one liked, and on sudden day they said they’re making it small.

He’s talking about the map.

I know, CG won’t be posting others anymore, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like.

I imagine it would be nice for 90% of the player base who’d usually end up RKing someone because of getting bored and getting banned or getting jailed and rage quitting and never coming back to the game because that’s what it’s like. GAR boast of a near 1 million members but only 100 play (on a good day), that’s not even 1% of a million.

@MeIsC00lGuy2020 Fear not we are gonna be reviving this place soon


Now you’ve got me all excited.

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Ayo? I did not expect anyone this important to respond… :sweat_smile:

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