My final forums rant

Just to clarify, I’m not leaving, just couldn’t think of a better title. :skull:

Aight, so most of you might know, forums is dead. Or at least the community around it is. There are no longer interesting or fun topics here, it’s a load of ignored appeals and reports. The true community died months ago. True OG’s have left, people with great knowledge and respect have left us. The forums is not what it used to be. Pretty sure that is obvious to everyone.

The forums used to have lively, talkative, and respectable userbase. Which has withered over the year. When I joined, it was a great place to visit and reply to interesting topics, that no longer exists. In the current state, the forums is full of trolls, attention seekers, or just brainless kids. There is no longer that warm flame that drew me over here. The once lively community is dead.

All if not most of the OG’s are gone, the people who kept the others, civilized, and interested, are gone. Few remain. These users were special, they had their own traits and were fun to talk to in their own way. If you weren’t around during the golden age, (Mid 2020) you are not an OG.

These honourable users were;

  • @keanu_lopez
    A cool, likeable, and respectable guy.

  • @Qwerty
    Fun, likeable, and kind dude.

  • @BobTheBuilder
    We had our differences, but he was always the smart, cool, and collected guy.

  • @BadKarma
    Absolute legend in my eyes, cool, knowledgeable, and a great critique.

  • @The_Third_Guard
    A great friend, fun to be around, and respectable guy girl.

  • @blehman
    Great guy, fun, kind, and smart.

^^ (In no specific order)

These guys will always be in my personal book of fame, these guys kept the fire going for so long, but a fire can only burn for so long.

The forums will always have a special place in my heart, I know it’s dramatic, but it is true. It taught me life lessons, gave me friends I’ll never forget, and was a great place to call my “Virtual home” for quite a bit.

You can no longer criticize others or their posts without fear of being flagged, you can no longer find fun or interesting posts, you can no longer check out a post and be like “Hey! It’s him again!”. It’s become a place or toxicity, trolling, cyberbullying, nonsense posts, and people trying to catch fame and glory from the title of “OG”.
Being an OG is not about being known on the forums, but being an original and respectable character who has been through it all and knows how to respond.

There are some great newgens on our forum, like my great friend @KKzuk, a knowledgeable, respectable, and kind dude. These people are my reason for staying. Expanding my knowledge of our vast community and keeping topics interesting while staying civilized.

Again, I’m not leaving, just venting my frustrations and sadness into one post. I care about this community, but stop treating the forums as a joke. It kills interest and kills the flame further, currently, I’m contemplating leaving. I’ll stay for at least a month more.

This is MeIs signing off this final rant of mine.

Cya in my next post,


  • MeIsC00lGuy2020

First of all, yeah, I agree. After BadKarma got a bit less active I feel like everything went downhill. The forums have literally become a place for people to fully mess around. I don’t know about you, but I need some boundaries in my life and I don’t like to see all the stupid jokes and arguments. It used to be much quieter and people weren’t arguing so much. I enjoyed getting on here and seeing who had made suggestions, and that was all I did. For a long time I never looked in Lounge or of these other areas. I have been thinking about leaving for a while now and I think I’m gonna get someone to delete my account. I’ve met all the people I’ve wanted to meet and don’t wanna keep looking here. It’s become toxic. Not like the toxicity when people like NJC were around. Cause watching Shay and him argue was just funny.

Second of all, I was told that the real MeIsC00lGuy agrees with what you have to say.

Anyway. If you do leave, give me some forewarning.


Like Blehman said, things started to go downhill after BadKarma went inactive. If you’re still here, Karma, please become active again. Things are just weird now. I mean, it was alright for a BIT when the newgens first came around, but just look at us now. Arguements about furries, random people who joined a day ago bringing back arguements from the grave, random kids being toxic for no reason, this isn’t what forums was or is meant to be.


Most people don’t understand why we spend time on a forum of a random lego game…which we don’t play anymore, and the answer to that is because of the people who became like a really close nit friend circle and it’s not like some random online friends…we’re still in touch on discord and yea we may not be active but we still have respect for eachother. These people are more than friends to me I really enjoy they’re company, some are annoying, talkative, fun, nonsensical, passive aggresive but there’s unique and well I’m looking forward to chat soon.

Keanu lopez


MeIs, don’t leave. You were my first true friend on this confusing website. You introduced me to everyone. It shows that you were ready for the forums to move on. Not just me but other people.

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Hey atleast you arent banned everywhere like I am! This is like my last place affiliated with gar.


Yeah, I felt this one… it pretty much sums up everything at this point. It makes me too bitter and a little miserable for me to even want to describe the ton of problems here, so I’ll just leave it here.


Maybe this can be your final forums rant, but you can still be an active member?..

I’ve been here for a while, before a lot of people here, and it has died out.

There is no actual reason or appeal to be here. The main nutshell of the forum page would be to make reports, and suggestions, and thats how its seen by many. You never find out what the forum community is like, since the only thing people are told about is:

“Sum dude kept sking me and i recorded it”
“Go to the forums and report it”

Its never about the on topic, off topic, and questions topics, they’re told about soley about reports or appeals. The only people who stay are people who enjoy talking here, trolls who use the forums to post a troll suggestion, and people with no other affilation to GAR and this is the only way to talk here, but even then, we don’t get a botted post from GAR announcements here, since you should be in the GAR server instead.

60% are reporters, appealers, or suggesters, 25% are trolls and other people who post once and leave, 15% of the rest of the users are active for a few months at most.

I personally think of the forums as a slightly more “intelligent” (in some ways" of a chatting site. Discord is the same communications type, but here you can post a huge paragraph and its not a copypasta and people read it (most of the time.)

I miss a lot of the fellow OG’s I’ve spoke with here, but the newer people are nice to speak with. Even a small shoutout with an @everyone in public announcements in the GAR server would boost the forums activity quite largely.


Oh yeah, you forgot popdere btw.


YES! Big shoutout there!

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Do u like my comment that i spent a while on :pensive:

unfortunately, youre still allowed here.

@milo_creator @Sidthesuperkid871 yall are messed up for liking KOS’s post. he did something you cant forgive

It’s very bad. I shall no longer connect with @KOSIntention oh wait. If he can pass some very unofficial and biased test to prove he’s changed, then I’ll consider things different. Sorry qwert man

atleast he doenst spam post CP…

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I forget you dont know what spamming is. Thats why your appeal which is trash will never be accepted :slight_smile:

everyone saw it lol, btw, u said u were leaving the community, so why are u still here?
just go on and leave man, not that hard.


I would love if YOU could do that, opa.

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im sorry but im not doing that. btw, why the hell are u on the same side of THIS guy? he literally posted CP, in my opinion, hes not welcome here anymore.