My dog is dying?

For the past 2 months possibly more my dog has just been nonstop bleeding. We’ve put shirts on her, we’ve put bandages on her. Just today we got her a cone. Shes been in my life since the moment she was born. I’m afraid her time is soon coming to an end. The idea of it is enough to make me cry. More Info Soon.

How old is she in human/dog years and then tell me the breed I might be able to know if it’s dying or sick also see a vet

Mutt. Like 14 or 17 idrk.

Also if it’s bleeding out the privates it’s just in heat and it’s nothing to worry about

my doggo died 2 weeks ago, he was a racing dog

Maybe get her to vet?

Yeah she’s going to the vet but I’m in brooklyn with people right now.

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Rip doggo you’ll be remembered in the dog community.