My discord account is banned from the discord despite me never joining it


Username: (Ozzie_Cheddar)
Discord: (Ozzie_Cheddar#4739)
Discord Id: (960153614905638922)
Ban reason: (Unknown)


I saw your game and group and wanted to join it but found that I couldn’t I made a new account to see if it was just the invite being old or if I was banned for some reason, the new account joined just fine, and when I tried the invite code that the new account made I still couldn’t join. You should unban me as I haven’t done anything ban-worthy and the last time I played a GAR Roblox game was like 4-5 years ago.

Edit: Also it’s been like 30 minutes and I haven’t been accepted into the GAR group dunno if that’s normal or also a part of whatever ban I have received.