Morphs suggestions!


Since they are updating the morphs, it would be nice to take the opportunity to add something to them:


The First thing are the DC-17s for Rex, Wolffe and some of the ARC troopers. They are their main weapons and it is fitting that they have dual pistols.


It would be nice that when you receive a medal you could for example hang it on the armor.


Lastly, it would be great if working binoculars and antennas were added to the morphs, which for example zoom in on whatever you want or have infrared. Infrared for the binoculars and zoom for the antenna.

they could also put Han Solo blaster to sell or some other jedi or separatist gamepass … could put Obi-Wan, Anakin, the commando robots Those who have like a sword… Or another hero or villain

I’m not sure if they intend on adding DC-17s however all GAR ranks above trooper including divisionals now get a DC-17.

  1. That actually might be kind of cool.

  2. Well zooming in isn’t needed much, most people generally don’t play in first person because this game uses RCL. What would infrared even do?

  1. what also jedi do not use blasters usually, the battle droids generally use different guns

  2. we dont need any more gamepasses, we have too much already

  1. Sounds cool, no real problem with it.

  2. This should definitely be added.

  3. These are a bit useless. They won’t really give any benefits to raiders or GAR.

Good suggestions, but not worth a vote from me.