More Jedi Morphs And Sith Morphs!

Add more Jedi Morphs like Obi Wan Kenobi , Count Dooku, Anakin ect.

And even Add more Sith Morphs like Darth Maul and maybe Palpatine.

This is because the game will look so cool and There will be more Movie Characters in game which will make more Star wars fans play as these Characters.

No, unneeded, how would these morphs be gotten (we do NOT need more gamepasses)

To my knowledge this is already planned. And considering how integral jedi are to starwars, “unneeded” is far from the word to use here.

I like the idea. Perhaps as scrim overseer, maybe company overseer? Maybe if the planned jedi group comes out, something related to that? I would ignore the “this is not needed” comments that will inevitably pop up (this is a game, nothing is needed. If devs only added what was needed, games wouldn’t be any fun).

I believe that there may be jedi masters involved with the senate but again, scrim overseer isn’t a good idea for that, they don’t usually go ingame(they are clanners), + they don’t lead the entire division, just the scrim team.
Also company overseer? I don’t know about other division but we have 2 and they are already XO and SXO.