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More information on the new Map

There are way to many bugs found in the map, I can’t use my jet pack as well as all the players are under Coruscant Guard or GAR as the player bar is broken. I know it was a long wait for the new map, but I feel we sort of rushed into things a little bit to fast, even with the close to year of waiting.

No hate to the devs though. They have worked really hard on the new map, and continue to work hard on the map. I really love the speeder, good gameplay in general, but maybe also give us more information on the map next time. Like where GAR can post, what GARs job will be, what divisional jobs will be, etc. Since changing a map can be a big deal. Especially this big of a change. This changes the duty of a lot of divisions, Gar duties, etc.

Thanks for reading, again, no hate to anyone, I really like the new map, even with the bugs.

Do not bring back the old map. I loved it, but it is time to move on. The bugs will be fixed. Briniging back the old map might cause bugs as well.

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They are going to fix the bugs over the next few weeks. I did like the old map but bringing it back would be stupid.


I think the devs will add a few things to keep order such as posts and more purpose for GAR.

I edited it a bit, maybe that makes more sense.

Yes, true. Edited it.

Yea, most of the soldiers who I know love the old map, but it had some glitches who it could make you climb or fly away, and on this new map, I didn’t saw anything about it.

Bringing back the old map will not cause any lag. As a developer myself if you bring back something that was not laggy then it wont be laggy. This new map in my opinion is way to big and nobody knows there posts. There is a whole bunch of raiders and nobody knows what to do.

I think we tell lower ranks to patrol instead of posting.