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I believe there should now be 5 GTs hosted a day instead of 3 as recently General Trainings have been having twice the normal amount of players as before. This makes the GT much harder to control with only one officer and makes the general training roughly 30 - 45 minute longer because of faces and the obby. Also, many days we do not even have 3 GTs a day because I believe not many officers enjoy doing them recently because they are much longer and harder to monitor than before. If we had 5 GTs a day, less people would join them and would make the GT more organized and quicker, which also encourages more officers to host them.

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2 more GTs per day.
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I think that you’re forgetting that officers have lives outside of the game, and there simply isn’t enough time within a day for such a limited amount of officers to host this many events. You’d be stretching the officers far too much and putting too much pressure on them to host these events, which would consume way too much of their personal time, which we all know is essential for one to maintain good health.

Of course, this COULD be supplemented by expanding the Officers Academy to fill the roles which would in turn open the possibility for there to be more events, it this raises its own sets of problems such as the application process as well as training of new officers, which all would be very time consuming and would only stretch the available officers quotas, similarly to how I described it before.

I just do not think that there will be additional events added to a daily timetable; there simply isn’t the capacity to hold anymore.


It isn’t that bad of an idea but I personally think this won’t happen any time soon. Mainly because some people don’t find GT’s fun. You mostly see cadets join just to get some easy power. Also, as “KURUPT10N” said that officers have lives and maybe want to spend time out of GAR and do something else than host GT’s.

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I don’t really care tbh, I am not in the Discord Server anyway

Thanks for your suggestion.