More GAR NPCs that tell the rules


So, we have already some NPCs that tell how to become trooper or how to raid. I think that we need more of them that will tell the rules of the game. For example in the booth NPC could tell what are correct answers to questions. It would look like this:

  1. Which reasons of entry are not valid?
  • Raiding, robbing bank, hunting down target, no reason and “I just want to pass”.
  1. For what purposes can immigrant have a weapon?
  • For self defense only.
  1. Is Confederacy allowed in?
  • No, it isn’t.

At immigrant spawn it may tell the rules to immigrants like what GAR can’t do, what count as RKing, where can they stand at the border, how to act in the city. It can look like this:

  1. What can I get killed for?
  • Raiding, open carrying weapon not in self defense, not lining up after a warning, having fake trooper on, getting on top of booth or bridge and not jumping down after a warning.
  1. What counts as Random killing?
  • Killing you for not answering to name and planet question, killing you for just having a weapon for self defense, killing you without any reason.
  1. Where I must stand at the border?
  • At red lines on immigrant line.
  1. How should I act in the city to not get killed?
  • Do not rob the bank, do not enter FOB, do not enter restricted areas (GAR spawn), do not open carry, do not raid.
  1. What can I get jailed for?
  • You can get jailed for Arrest on sight (AOS), Impersonating, racism or hacking.
    There can also be the one for GAR to know what can they get punished for (reported, jailed or terminated) but I won’t show example here.
    Many people have used their votes for something else so I will make a survey where you can choose whether you agree with this suggestion or not.
Do you agree with this suggestion?
  • Yes, I agree.
  • No, I don’t agree.
  • I don’t know.

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Just use the model of other GAR NPCs and add new dialogue options.

This list is not entirely complete, and the immigrants are allowed weapons no matter what. You don’t even need to ask the reason that they are bringing the weapon into the city.

So if they tell you they are going to raid with it will you let them pass? List is not complete because I were too lazy to add all of examples. I may update it if you want.

If they specifically told you that they were planning to raid, yes you would kill them, but that would be the only reason. Also for number four, they can enter the FOB, just not during an event.

This description may have some mistakes now. This is a general idea of how could this look. If it gets approved I can make a whole list of rules send it to officer and if it’s approved it can be added.

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