More communication

I think there should be a chat and announcement for members that are not in the group so that raider suggestions aren’t biasedly voted on by gar lets be real gar members vote on whatever benefit they can get against raiders and therefore raiders should have their own chat and announcements this is so that its fair for both sides. We just want fairness not biasness as raiders.

Would love to see it.

Everyone gets a vote I friggin love democracy

these exist

You dont understand what im trying to say this doesnt fix the communication problem between the raiding community and devs

I am not part of GAR yet have full access to the server, only disadvantage is that I can’t chat or the bot will update my roles.

The thing is the votes aren’t even biased against raiders because majority of the gar are smart enough to know how to keep the community alive

My guy gar is biast against raiders and trust me its true you just dont see it that way why do you think your seeing raiders complaining about aos system, kos system im fine with.