More clone game passes

I like how GAR add a SP gamepass clone but I feel like they should add one or two more that you can buy with robux and each of them have a different abilities and jobs. Anyone have any ideas?

This does not need to be added. Please spend a bit more time in the community and reading posts from OG’s before making more suggestions. There are several things wrong with this post. To start with spelling, people won’t take you very seriously if you can’t spell out “SF” it takes one keystroke to edit it but you can’t seem to do that. This paragraph is annoyingly difficulty worded. Try this: GAR has added game passes like Special Forces. The SF are clones and I believe that there should be several other that are available as a gamepass. Each could have different professions specially assigned to them. I currently have no ideas but would like some suggestions.

The next thing that is terrible about this is that YOU are asking EVERYONE ELSE to do your suggestion. This can be sometime used and it’s very usefull. BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE.



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Ok thanks my bad have a nice day

Bruh you got to chill. No need to shoot down every suggestion on the forum. Not everyone has English as their first language either.

no we dont need ANYMORE gamepasses

Facts that’s true not everyone is a good typer so chill

Not abt that lololol. I’m just yk nvm.

the thing is this is da forums (even more scuffed then da hood) no one here has chill.

there are 2 morphs that are considerably gar allied morphs, and in all honesty, this is enough, rainy has intended to push gar less away from being pay to win, and with many ‘jobs’ already being taken up by divisions, doesnt really seem to be needed, as just about any job that could be provided in the new map can be filled by the current divisions, and atm, only really immigrants need something big and new to do in the game

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