Mercenary Organization

Mercenary Organization

I would like to suggest adding such an opportunity so that a person can get a job in such professions and occupation
There are several type: Free and Gamepass (Improvement opportunity, and more) similar to mafia TSU.
What gives you the opportunity: create your own Mercenary organization, gives you a equipment, a rank, morphs, and also a client can hire you as assassinations, protection, transportation of important cargo, or captures of a person, and so on. It should be worth the price to buy mercenaries depends on what kind of reputation he has, the higher the reputation is then expensive.
What mercenaries should have: Limit of people, Price, Reputation, Equipment, You can even have a base, but that will be another story.


A mercenary (merc for short), sometimes also called soldier of fortune , hired gun , or free lance , was a soilder who fought or worked in other ways (mostly in those involving violence) for any faction in exchange for a desirable amount of money.
Sometimes, the word mercenary was used as a derogatory term for someone who valued credits over other things, such as ideals or kinship.
Mercenaries served mostly as troopers or pilots for hire, but also as bodyguards and enforcers. They worked in other military assignments as well, for example in those involving testing the equipment, liberating abducted people or retrieving, transporting and protecting valuable goods or items.Some even outfitted other beings with devices and equipment they may need. They appeared in all known eras, being especially active when conflicts erupted. Mercenaries were often said to be opportunistic and concerned only on profits and “survival to fight another day”. Mercenaries were often said to be opportunistic and concerned only on profits and “survival to fight another day”. Mostly they had “neutral” affiliation and were hired by many fighting forces without actually joining them. In some cases though, they grew sympathetic to their clients.

Mandalorian mercenaries

Mandalorian mercenaries, known informally as Mandalorian Mercs,were regarded as some of the finest soldiers-for-hire in the galaxy, greatly due to their warrior-based culture, providing the combat training to its members even when they are very young.

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We don’t need to hire guns that’s just mandalorian with extras