Mass raid - Joint

We just did an epic raid cause yes

look its all the clowns in one place :clown_face:


Have u ever tried raiding mate? It’s kinda sad when you’re posting 24/7 and are obeying orders from officers. Or when you’re a divisional just shooting poor cadets when they don’t obey your orders for once. It’s rather sad actually. Being in a division is literally homework. And you shouldn’t call us clowns when you never tried the raiding experience before.

  1. yes I’ve raided and I learned that raiding is fun but raiding community is full of losers who can’t aim and are underaged
  2. I don’t post Im a WO
  3. I don’t shoot cadets for not posting
    raiders are absolute clowns :clown_face:

I raid because sometimes cadets and troopers or just life events anger me. So I let it out by raiding.

yes, what do you expect from a group that is based around coruscant, i could say the same with GAR or some divisions

divisions can aim though :neutral_face: that’s the difference :clown_face:

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yes, and some of us are way better than some divisions (not arc / rc ofc)