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Making the training outpost better


The Training Outpost is not used for anything other then GT’s which does make it a bit useless. You don’t really do anything except learn how to do parkour better. I think that it could be used for so much more then that. For example, there could be some sort of aim practice. It would look a bit like a shooting range with little raiders hiding behind things. You stand back and try to shoot as many as possible. This would help people get into a division as most of the time, being bad at combat is just having terrible aim.

I also think that there could be an update to the obby thing. I think, there could be some sort of laser’s that you need to jump over. It would be a bit like some of the robbery’s in mad city where you have to dodge all the lasers that may be spinning, crawling along the floor, or are still and you need to jump over them. There would be 3 different levels as there are now. Of course this is not the most important thing and it would just make it look a bit cooler. Something that may be a bit harder to make but could also be cool would be another obstacle course that will have blaster bolts involved. You would have to get through the course without getting shot. I think this would be a lot more useful as it would teach people to dodge blaster bolts in the game. It would also make more people buy the gold mini-gun as dodging that would be absolutely impossible. Again, improving the obby is not the most important thing in my opinion.

But yeah, I think improving the Training outpost could be a good idea. There are more important things that need to be done but eventually this stuff could be done. Also, sorry if this was a bit hard to read or anything, I sort of forgot how to write stuff well.


( Any helpful resources - videos / images )

Agreed. The training outpost should be more legitimate training of technical skills applicable to the game.

Thanks for your feedback.

I have been looking around a lot recently and I have found a training outpost thing for a group that I think looks and is really cool. If you want you can have a look to see if there is anything you could implement into our training outpost.

maybe you can make the training outpost kamino because kamino has combat area nad other area and it is where the clones were created so i think training outpost could become kamino

i am sorry for the spelling errors and issues

Yeeees. I would love to see a Kamino training map. I tried building kamino and the remembered I don’t know how to hollow out circles. But yes, Kamino sounds like a good idea.

But I think they can make the rifles better because i want them to look like the rifles they used in the clone wars.

I think it’s made to trigger us