Making divisions easier to swap from without losing everything possibly

You can post something in a channel that basically will have you be discharged if you’re in a division if you pass the tryout but you can keep your stuff if you fail it, it allows you to stay in a division if you don’t get what you were wanting in case you still like that division.

Make it to where you can post a notification in a channel or something stating “I am attending a tryout for [Division]” if you failed, you were put an X over your request, if you passed, you would put a check which then would be like a “I passed the tryout and need a discharge for this division”. [If this suggestion does not work, please DM your reasoning to maxitron30 so I can modify it to fix possible errors.]

no, you don’t get to go to another tryout to see if you can pass, fail, then go back.

The problem is, it would be abused, people could get in to multiple divisions easily at once and many people wouldn’t even notice it…