Making a funny moments video about GAR

I’ve made two videos already a very LONG time ago, but now with the new changes I’d like to make a more improved version, GAR adventures 3! I wanna include more community and division submissions, if you know anyone with clips that I can edit into the video just let me know, the past two were only clips recorded by me and I had to scout for funny things happening hours in-game, if you want your clip featured or have a friend that has a clip that’s funny from the game of course DM me. I want to make this a little forum / discord project!

DM me here Vatalica#2269

Here are the past videos / some of my work :

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Oh and if anyone has bongo / april fools day videos I encourage you to PLEASE PLEASE DM me.

I’ll be sure to check those out

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It’s morbin time hehe ha.

NOO! 20charactersreq

yes its morbin time!