Making a discord bot for quota

Hello I would like to see if you guys could make a discord bot.

A discord bot that tells you (us) how close we are to passing quota. For example it tells you how many ep you need, and how much you have, or how much time you need in coruscant and how much you have. I believe this would be used a lot throughout all divisions and even the gar community server.

Using google sheets for a points sheet is way easier than an entire bot. Making a bot isn’t easy anyways.

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I had done it as my personal project for my own group, definitely is quiet efficient and reduces the hassle, an integration is required for this I believe they already have it but its only for officers, quotas are managed manually, not a bad suggestion.

its called the “Grand Army of the Republic Bot” just do “;power username history”

I believe he is talking about division EP, not power.

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ok then hell no, last time an “ep bot” was added the entire 327th discord was nuked and around 7k people got into the roblox group

That command also shows time in-game over the past week which could be related to quota.

He’s talking about making a bot, not adding a random bot that nobody knows about.

It is still completely unneeded, just go to the logging sheet for your division, search your name, and check your events there.

Then checking power through the bot isn’t needed aswell since you can check it in-game…

You can’t check it ingame, you can only see the time ingame from the current day not the past 7 days which you can do with the bot.