Make the FSC (Coruscant Secret Forensic Police)


Coruscant’s best known forensics are undoubtedly the SFC (Coruscant’s Secret Forensic Police). So I thought: why not add it to the game? The CGs are busy looking after the soldiers and other what it is, while the SFC members would take care of tracking down raiders planning attacks. Their job therefore would be to hunt down raiders by investigating for example their victims and try to track them down and then obviously arrest them. They would be comfortable because in this way we would have an extra defense signature against raiders.

P.s. you can read about the FSC in the Karen Traviss book “star wars republic commando”


Now you may ask: what about morphs? Here is the answer: FSC members will be civilians and will have the nameplate that all civilians have, so they can disguise themselves as civilians and not be recognizable to raiders, so that while raiding they would never expect to be arrested. by a civilian


The equipment would consist of: an upgraded Blaster pistol, an FSC identification card (to be shown only in case of need and only to GAR members), the normal passport, handcuffs and shock stick


To be undercover agents it is not enough just to be good in combat (indeed, that is the least important thing) so the selections would take place through an academy, containing many tests in the open field in which you have to demonstrate your ability to capture raiders. You will be taught how to sneak up on them (obviously not in front of everyone’s eyes, otherwise the cover will blow) and how to best use the shock pike.

I really don’t think this will work in Coruscant.


Why? An undercover police force would be one of the most effective signatures for fighting raiders and tracking them down when they go into hiding


We have undercover police, RI.

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They are only in 13 and they have morphs. We need many people, not just 13. And then they must always be present among us. Then the RI does not only and only deal with the raiders. We need a police to take care only of them. Especially now that new criminal groups and organizations are forming


What the hell even are marauders?

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Raiders= marauders. The same thing


Just call them raiders then. And all it really takes to kill raiders is to shoot them(they die if you do that).


Wow really! I would never have said that! Instead I can assure you that when they have shopped the whole battle pass it is not that easy. And then the FSC not only serves to face them hand-to-hand, but also to try to find out the next raid plans.
p.s. marauders or raiders doesn’t change much eh


We have divisions to take care of raiders. What are you on about? The only police there is, is CG and RI. RI less so as they are more Investigative and secretive.

Never heard of criminal groups, if you are ralking about raid groups, those aren’t much of a problem.

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Nooo, we only get killed 20 times in three minutes because of those groups … and then you forget that there are so many organizations, haven’t you heard that they also created the discord groups? CSI also has a discord and roblox group. And then if an RI goes in front of you you do not think for sure that he is a civilian, with his armor … instead having police hidden among civilians would be convenient.


No it wouldn’t?

We have divisions, we don’t need a combative version of RI. We have combat and police divisions to take care of that.

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Yes but the point is that the marauders know that there are divisions and they know how to deal with them, while they would never belong to a normal civilian.

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Who doesn’t??

What? Divisions deal with raiders, what do you mean by ‘Deal’ with them? We don’t need undercover units. Nobody does.

It would be annoying for raiders AND GAR. Accidental TK, raiders being annoyed at this, etc. If you want to do this, leave the GAR group and anti-raid. We don’t need a dedicated division for what we don’t need.

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Ok, I tell you this. I highly doubt there will be no new divisions made for a long time, except for ones that we already know are going to be made. The senate, the senate guard, Star fighter corps maybe, all of this stuff. Plus loads of updates in between. There have been many new division suggestions, there’s no point in doing it until all others are out of the way.

Bo, I don’t know, I think it would be a lot of fun to be like a secret agent.

Regarding the TK obviously it would be disabled, nobody should understand that they are secret agents.
And then the FSC is one of the most famous police forces in Coruscant, it would be correct to add it

Wait but didn’t you just say…


neither should GAR ever know who I am. Agents should behave like normal civilians. Even GAR members don’t have to understand who is in the SFC and who is not. They should have real coverage. In fact they should arrest the raiders in places where they are not visible to everyone.

Doesn’t make sense. Literally just get into an Immigrant morph and Anti-raid. Nobody needs/wants this.