Make the 212th Attack Regiment

Make a new regiment people can choose from. I think it would be cool for the next update for them to have a new regiment. Personally I like 212th’s uniform. So I just wanted to bring this up but personally I think this would be a good idea.

L + its 7th rn + not worth it + same uniform + looks like 327th + not a regiment + ratio + voted for yourself+ bozo+ its a battalion+ first post + your momma

7th is practically the same thing. There is no need for this.

But yeah, a new division would be cool and is probably happening. I know the Senate and the Senate Guard are coming eventually, and I think starfighter corps might be coming out at some point.

The map is too small for starfighters so it will probably never be added.

Already exists, the 212th is the 7th Sky Corps scrim team.