Make it so that you cant tk at all

Im suggesting to make a tk off/on button this would be useful for those who are defending the border from raiders a lot of tk bans are on accident and having a option to turn it off would be great, make it so that there is a barrier to avoid having to tk gar low ranks entering the booth and not going out.

I think GAR just shouldn’t be able to damage other GAR at all. Exceptions would go for GAR officers and division people. I think you still get TK warnings as Special Forces being in GAR at the same time so add that with GAR not being able to damage other GAR.

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As demblle said above, GAR simple shouldn’t be Abel to damage each other, there’s not a single logical reason to. Divisions should be able to and Officers to, but there’s no reason for GAR to be able to attack each other, it doesn’t make sense.

So, a cadet could just stay in the booth forever if there are no divisionals?

Dont know why, but when i use egg force accidentally on my gar mate, no tk warning for me. Maybe i can use it on cadet too?