Make divisions unique from each other

At the moment there are only 4 divisions that are different from the others, 91st, RG, CG, and RI while every other division is basically the same besides the morph. Right now the only difference I can think of between 501st, 327th, 7th, 104th, 41st, 187th, and ARC are the morphs. I think we should make each division and later on companies have it’s own unique thing and purpose about them that people will remember them by like how 91st is remembered by being the speeder company and how RG is remembered as a guarding company.

327th has a special gun I believe

41st have force fields

And ARC is special just by being ARC

regardess they are still too similar.

and, many have special guns dude.

41st has shields. RC has the RC blaster. 327th (while not permanently theirs, has the top activity gun). 501st (same as 327th I believe has white sabers). 7th is confirmed to be getting jump packs in the rework. I agree though, each division should have something minor at least to distinguish themselves better.