Make bots that would raid the border instead of waiting for players to raid it

Theres really no point of guarding the border besides a player attack since most players who raid are pretty uncommon and it makes guarding the border pretty boring since at times theres nothing to really guard from which makes divisional patrol or SSU events to be pretty boring since raid attacks are always the same and the idea of bots/seperatist or CIS droids raiding the border would make the game pretty exciting just think of 15 - 30 bots like a B2 super battledroid or droidekas raiding the border every 10 or 15 minutes and it would also be really cool if there was an army of bots that would raid the border with a CIS tanks or sometimes commando droids along with raiders assisting them in the SSU which makes the SSU event really exciting and it would also make divisional patrols and the game to not be boring but the only downside to it is if the coding of the bots would be difficult but this is just a suggestion and its just an idea that i think would make the game really fun and would also make divisions like the 104th or the 501st not unnecessary and it would make guarding the border much more important.

If this idea gets approved which i hope it will make it so every 10 or 15 minutes 25 or 30 bots that resembles seperatist droids will raid the border so players will have to stop them and they’re objective is to reach the FOB, they have keycards that can open every door, bots like the B1 battledroid has an average aim, B2 battledroid has a better aim than the B1, Droidekas has deflector shields and has the same aim as the B2 and at some rare case commando droids will apear and instead of raiding the border they will sneak through the tunnel and into the city and with a much better aim than the other three but that will take some actual serious programming for the other 3 and so i think the B1 will have to do first and then the other 3 and for the SSU 75 bots will apear along with a super tank but that will also take some serious programming to do so 50 B1 battle droids will do

Not really sure what material is about

i think you get the idea but i think some roblox games like dummies vs noobs will perfectly fit the category
Some video references: Dummies VS. Noobs - YouTube
Roblox Bot Emma (Training my aim) - YouTube

Oh hell no, this is not needed at all. I don’t know what universe you live in where raids are uncommon. And also, don’t vote for yourself.

This is a cool idea. I’m really bored when I am at the border and there are no radiers.

this is like really unneeded, there is enough raiders as there is, if youre bored join a bigger server

This idea is good ngl

Great idea. I’m always bored at the border.

Maybe a bit OP, prob not droidekas and commando droids, also AAT tanks will be a bit op, and maybe like 10-15 instead of 20 or 50, because there are still a lot of raiders in game, because I doubt Viking would add some stuff that are as OP as this, though maybe a possible gamepass, which can summon random NPC’s to protect them; Republic droids (2 or more) for clones and maybe like 1 stronger one (another clone) also it could summon like for raiders some b1’s (2 or more) and then 1 b1, but idk