Make ARC separate from companies

My suggestion is that ARC shouldn’t count as a company within a division. The reasoning behind this is that ARC is a large accomplishment, and if you obtain ARC + CS you end up having to choose between one or another. Also, if you enjoy your company, you have to leave it if you want to use the ARC morph for that division. Lastly, ARC has overlap with the combat companies in the division, so rather than making it combat company 2.0, it should just signify elite players within the division (within any company).

What can be done: Make ARC a role, rather than a company. For example, you could be in Airborne but your airborne morph is swapped with ARC.

Do you know how ARC and leadership works in a division?
Generally at least in 327th, you can join a company or even become company leadership, you will simply be moved to that group rank, but you will stay in ARC.

whether or not ARC is seen as a ‘company’ in a division depends on that divisions administration and how they see things

I will rephrase what I was trying to say. Yes, you can be ARC and leadership. My suggestion isn’t about that. The way it currently works, your morph is based off your company within discord. If you are a member of a company, you use their morph. If you are leadership, same applies. If you are ARC and leadership, you can’t use the ARC morph for your division unless you leave the company you are a leader of.

if you don’t want leadership because of a morph thats kinda a you issue