Make an annoucement regarding the kos reporting sking and rking issue

I think to many divisionals are being false reported by kos I think somebody should make an announcement about this issue, because people clearly aren’t understanding what kos means so they keep on false reporting divisionals for doing their job and killing kos, even officers are banning divisionals for spawn killing kos like what kos? thats their job to kill kos even if its sking kos, there should be an announcement regarding this issue since it is becoming a problem. Player reports is being flooded by kos players false reporting and its getting annoying.

I forgot to put kos in gar.

I am sure those reports from KoS people are ignored/denied all the time. I don’t think is necessary to make an announcement about this.

If a division member is banned for a particular practice, it required a lot of proof to get a divisional banned. If they are banned It’s because they have done something wrong.

Two divisionals got banned for sking kos that are in gar. It is a problem when they are reporting the HRs of divisions over this.

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I guess there was a announcement made over it.

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KOS or not you can’t SK, in any game community you aren’t allowed.

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Yes i know you cant sk kos.