LOW the dmg of the Super Blaster and the Alter


First of all low the dmg of the Super blaster, The Main reason is because this gun is so Broken because is making any user that has this gun so OP and is so annoying to fight back this gun.

It can be used for large distance and dmg is just 1 shoot or 2.

At least it would be better to low the dmg of this gun to the same as the Shotgun.

And the Alter well, it should be lower because it’s impossible to take down a guy with 15s of god mode, he can use that 15s to kill everyone with 2 lightsabers, so it would be better if it’s 10s.


super blaster already has the same amount of damage as the shotgun, and people also already paid for both of those things. it would technically be scamming if they took them away

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I am not talking about removing the gun, I am saying that they can low the Super blaster and low the time of use of the alter.

And I didn’t know that they changed that, btw I am talking about the super blaster.

Heard of force choke? And the shotgun needs a firerate buff if anything.

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Omg Omega you so unbased, alter is fine just get good :nerd_face:

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Its actually not very tricky. (I speak about alter) Just stay out of range and wait until its over. The raiders are not very much faster than you.

Prob but still been annoying if they know how to use it.

Super blaster is extremely rare, few including me have it, it’s mostly a weapon for RG, and used as their main weapon.

Alter is fine, it was nerfed down 5 seconds and is already losing value.

Don’t try to nerf our passes.

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No no no and no… We PAID REAL MONEY for these gamepasses. Don’t you dare suggest to nerf stuff because you suck at raiding. You know how hard it is to hit someone that is flying around and jumping all over the place with super blaster? It’s not easy…

(sorry if I came over a bit rude I don’t mean to be rude at all)

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All gamepasses and weapons will be changed in the Coruscant Rework so that the game is better balanced.
We’ll take your suggestion into consideration.