Long-Term Inactivity for Divisionals Shouldn't Result in Demotion, but Instead a Temporary Kick from the Division


I set an inactivity activity notice but it was set for too long, so I got purged. What I’m saying is that they should fix that because long term inactivity is unpredictable. I mean, yeah you should get kicked from the division but you should be able to talk to the captain of that division to get your ranks back.

Yeah you can’t expect to be active forever. I mean, there’s gotta be a time where you can be on long term inactivity. I understand the kick so that the group doesn’t get too large and have a bunch of inactive divisionals, but a de-rank seems too much. Like, you should be able to get the rank back.

I would suggest in the offical GAR discord server we could have like a inactive channel where people could file a LOA for example

Reason: Holiday
Division: 7th sky corps and Coruscant Guard
Time: 3 days

Just an example. But it would be good

Uhm… This suggestion is up to HICOM of your division. You should suggest it to your HICOM as every division is different. In my division we make clear how short and how long your inactive break can be. We have a full blown system where someone can request for a break (Inactivity Notice). Any HICOM can accept it, or deny it if it doesn’t follow our Inactivity guidelines.

Once again, things like this are up to your divisional HICOM, not the devs or GAR HRs.

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