Lightsaber colours

I think having different colour lightsabers for different teams because you know I’m sick and tired of these red ones having a blue one for GAR would be good and Red for non gar.

I know this can be done because of how we have SF gar morph and SF con morph

What I said. And I agree. C’mon we need different colored sabers. Bro divs have different colored sabers and they say the devs are busy smh

Fr fr I also find it unfair how divs get free lightsabers generally wasting my robux

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Not rlly. Divs only get a free white saber IF they are top 3+ on the activity leaderboard.

Again. Not really true.^^^^^^


Possibly can be considered for customization in a near future. And may consider forwarding this to RainyLofi for the planned rework.

In regards,
HermanosLuDi, Beta Tester.