Level cap for shock pikes, snipers, miniguns…


( the new changes to the arms dealer have been pretty good, however, now you have specialists and troopers running around with op weapons like shock pikes, indiscriminately murdering innocents and when told to post, they hit you with the shock pike which is basically a 1 hit kill. This is getting ridiculous because you have new players running amok on innocent civilians and the job of posting them or stopping them from rking has become 10 times harder. Now we dont only have to worry about raiders, but also specialists who decide that they are going to play by their own rules. Please at least cap these weapons to sergeant+ )


( Any helpful resources - videos / images )

you can report them, have an officer, CG, or MAYBE RI(they do have cuffs, not sure if they really use them for that purpose though), or you can have a different div kill them

Bruh thats completely missing the point. These troopers are completely overwhelming divisionals. There already arent enough on staff as many are back at school now and immigrants are just getting massacred