Lets make clone trooper names!

All my friends quick let’s make clone namezzzz. We can call each other them in gameeeeee… I know it sounds cringey, but I’m dead serious about it. Could be good.

@Sidthesuperkid871 @Casabowie @MeIsC00lGuy2020 @keanu_lopez wfiwnfiewne pls pls I genuinely think this could be cool. @The_Third_Guard

Why you not ping me I am not ur buddy :frowning: samdge

Also my name would be CT-2483 Quin

CT-3131, “Slim Shady”
If u get the reference u have my respect eternally

CT- 0069, code name: Icewallowcome

That Eminem song where he talks about his MC.

Oh my lordy lord lord.

Yo v.i.p.
Ice ice baby
Ice ICe bbaby

Did you understand the meaning of my name?

69 xD #Save20Characters


I mean would be CT-4200, Sid. Just Sid.

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Im not ur friend? Jerk

Oof. Thats sad. I consider you a friend :slight_smile:

yes i swallow a lot of that too. owo…

may i join in?
tyhhipthebest sergeant GAR

Yes, anyone can join but my target audience was my friend group.

ok then i will be CT-0356 destroyer

Cool cool coooooooool. yes.

my names not creative lol