Let members become officers


So I joined OA several times and I met all requirements. But I mean. How does it come that I only see officers wich are in a division and are a high rank in that division. I mean if you say you would give a chance to members to become an officer, well let them prove themselfves. Almost everyone just gets kicked at the backgroundchecks. Now, I don’t know what they are but I’m almost sure they are just for divisional high ranks. If you really want the members to prove themselves make the backgroundchecks easier to pass, but the events after harder. That is the only way in my eyes.

Let me know your thoughts below.

It’s basic heirachy, the most trusted, loyal, active, mature and social get accepted to be Lego officers.

You can? There are officers who aren’t high ranks in divisions, or even in a div, like OptimallyAxel or xDizme.
If you failed that’s your issue. Also ALL OA details are classified, do not share them unless you want a cban.

Anyone can pass the background checks. It just happens that many of those who become an officer have the qualities that are necessary to be a divisional HR.